No. 4
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Die Entwicklung sprachlicher Verstehensstrukturen in Englisch als Fremdsprache

The Ludwigsburg research project into cross-subject learning investigates factors that have an impact on the learning processes in different school subjects (Mathematics, physics, and English as a foreign language). One part of this project specifically focuses on the processes underlying foreign language development in the context of instruction at the pre-intermediate level. The results of a previous investigation underline the importance of both general and language-specific cognitive and affective factors. Based on these findings and in the light of theories of second language acquisition a second stage of the research project has been planned to study to what extent the learning-acquisition processes are open to interventions by the learner or the teacher. Consequently, the usefulness of certain cognitive and metacognitive strategies of learning will be a specific focus of this research.

Seite 110-120, Heft 1/1993, Band 4