No. 6
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Der Sprachstand türkischer Rückkehrer aus Deutschland – Übersicht über ein Forschungsprojekt

The main topic of this research project is the language proficiency of the children of Turkish returnees from Germany, the so-called „Rückkehrer“. Teachers at bilingual schools in Turkey complain that the academic language proficiency of the “Rückkehrer” in both Turkish and German is very low, whereas their everyday proficiency in both languages is relatively high. The main focus of the project is an operationalization of this distinction by means of the C-test principle. The theoretical framework adopted here is Cummins’s BICS – CALP dichotomy. Furthermore the project focuses on the interdependency between proficiency in the two languages involved, the process of changing language dominance after remigration and the loss of German.

Seite 61-69, Heft 2/1995, Band 6